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the story of handsome sultan:

one day i was visited by a gnome, who bade me to follow him into the forest. we walked through high and low path and finally reached an area of dense wood and bush. the gnome showed me a fungus which grew under the giant oaks and by the ancient moss covered rocks. he motioned to me that i should eat the fungus, so i did. i watched with great wonder as a great vine burst forth from the earth, broke through the dense canopy and reached towards heaven. i turned to ask the gnome what the nature of this magic was, but he had dissappeared. so i began to climb up the enormous vine, its texture was soft but it possessed the strength of iron. i climbed for hours and day turned to twilight and the stars and the moon shone around me. finally i reached a fabulous palace in the clouds. the courtyard was full of wonderous creatures, incredible beings of light with large heads and eyes, and small delicate bodies. they lead the way to the throne room of the marble white palace. there i met a handsome sultan in white robes so brilliant their origin was clearly of a divine nature. the sultan taught me the secrets of sound and noise. he taught me to manipulate machines to screech the sounds of demons and herald the coming of digital angels. he taught me to build robots to sing the praises of the divine. he taught me how to fashion music that would alter the conciousness of men and alter their DNA. just as he was to teach me the ultimate secrets of auditory sorcery, the clouds parted beneath me and i began to float slowly back to earth.

this is the secret and accepted history of the ancient order of sultanic music.



a collection of unfinished masterpieces



created 1999 - 2009 by handsome sultan | hamilton, ontario, canada.